I remember when I first met Mahaila. I think she was in 3rd grade - but I really got to know her when she came to the afterschool program I worked at Ready Springs Elementary. She was in 6th grade. Now she is a Senior in High School! I cannot even believe it!

I used to take the kids out with the cameras that we had at our after school program and give the kiddos little lessons on Photography. I remember she actually told me that she was going to have me do her Senior Photos, when the time came.

Of course, I was super excited when her Mom called and asked me if I would do her photos this summer! After all of this time and knowing her from after school, I was more than willing to capture this milestone for her and her Mom!

This location you guys! I figured it was going to be a hit or miss for any sort of wildflowers, since we were shooting in early August. But, boy did we get lucky! The wildflowers were at their peak, and the weeping willow added an amazing touch!

It is really hard for me to not get completely carried away and shoot, shoot, shoot!

Sometimes less is more, and I love that Mahaila chose minimal makeup, and a neutral color for the beginning of the session.

She was so easy to guide through posing. Such a natural! So beautiful!

For the second outfit she chose a black top and jeans. Perfect for the train and tracks!

Thank you Mahaila, and Samantha for choosing me to help you freeze this milestone in your lives! I am so glad to have been a small part of Mahaila's growing up, and I just know she will do big things with her life!

Sending so much love, and wonderful wishes your way, sweet girl! Love, Erica